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Spain x Reader Oneshot: Undone
How long had things continued to repeat themselves like this?
Antonio sat up in bed, the sun peeking through the slightly gapping curtains, a warm breeze gently drifting through the window and the scent of a summer morning invading his nostrils. He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair, and glanced down beside him, knowing full well he was alone in the bed, but definitely not alone in his home.
Beside him, the bed was cool, but not cold, meaning she had not gotten up too long ago. And ‘she’, was the best and worst thing that existed in his life. ________ was one of the few people who succeeded in making him truly angry, furious even. She knew just which buttons to push to make his blood boil, which topics frustrated him, which things to say that made him want to scream and tear his hair out. She was the human personification of punishment for every wrong and evil he ever committed throughout his entire existence.
So, perhaps it was masochistic to love someone who h
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 27 2
Mature content
Canada x Reader Oneshot: Traffic Light :iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 49 13
Mature content
Romano x Reader Oneshot: Life After You :iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 62 6
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader Oneshot: Clink :iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 19 0
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit North Italy!
… North Italy~! Your darling Feliciano Vargas.
You were just madly in love with that sweetheart. It was as simple as that. And, you were not afraid to admit. He was bright, bubbly, and kind and gentle. Excitable, yes, and sometimes as thick as a brick depending on the situation, but you couldn’t hold it against him. He was too cute, and you could never stop smiling when you were around him.
You’d met him by chance in World War II, when you’d joined the Allies. They’d captured Italy at the time, and he’d been crying in the corner as France and England poked and slapped him repeatedly. You’d not much appreciated the treatment you received as being part of the Allies, as according to them, a woman wasn’t fit for war. Mostly just fit for them to play around with and baby as if she were nothing more than a helpless damsel in distress, which you certainly were not (and they eventually learned it, too, and because of your long-standing friendshi
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 52 9
Germany x Reader Oneshot: Colourless
The simplest, and saddest fact that Ludwig Beilschmidt ever learned, was not that humans had such a short time on the face of the earth, but that as a country, he had to watch their lives ebb away like a melting candle, while he remained an everlasting flame. He was old; and while he looked young, the more he looked upon his ageless features in the mirror, the more he felt his age, no matter how physically healthy or youthful he was. He felt it; he felt himself tire of the world he’d watch evolve over time, the world he helped shape. He felt with every fibre of his sinuous body the pain that he inflicted, and the agony he had to endure, as he watched the lives of the humans slip away day by day.
As a man with no definitive lifespan, he found the world around him become grey, dull, and listless, no matter how much he tried to find activities to bring back meaning to his strict lifestyle. But there was nothing new, nothing exciting; he’d seen it all. Life had lost a lot of th
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 43 14
Hetalia x Reader Oneshot: God-Given Gift
Another day, and another conference meeting with the rest of the world. Yet again, you found yourself watching the rain fall down the windowpane behind your seat, the darkening clouds swirling and rumbling their laughter at your confinement to the chaotic boardroom.
But you could almost laugh right back at it if you felt like it. While sometimes the repetitive cycle of arguments, insults and furniture whizzing by your head could cause irritation, it wasn’t all that bad. It gave you time to reflect on your friends, enemies and allies, without them noticing you staring at them momentarily, before guiding your line of sight elsewhere.
You often wondered about each individual country, but not their histories. What you wanted to know truly, was who they were, not as countries, but as people. After all, they were the ones who had the literal job of carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, walking day by day through their lives thinking about the next step towards a goal the
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 55 5
Mature content
2P!America x Reader: Only Love Can Hurt Like This :iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 54 4
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit Scotland! Part Two :iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 48 9
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit Greece!
… Greece!
You touched your forehead to make sure no devil horns had sprouted; nope. No horns. You were good to go.
Not only were you particularly close to the nation, you thoroughly enjoyed his company. He had long periods of silence, in which he would often immerse himself in his own world, before picking up conversation again. That’s what originally had driven your interest in the man; the depth of the world he would fall into within his own mind. He also was quite the philosopher, and when he wasn’t asleep or thinking, you could carry an intelligent conversation with the man, all the while trying to resurface from the sea of cats you often found yourself drowning in when in his presence.
You found his green eyes hypnotising in a strange way. At one point or another, countries would never have been able to tell each other apart, lest they actually openly admitted it, you’d figured, as most were very old, and came from eras of times that only exis
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 45 3
Mature content
2P!England x Reader Oneshot: Flicker and Fizzle :iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 30 10
2P!Canada x Reader: Looking Through Your Eyes
Look at the sky
Tell me, what do you see?
Just close your eyes
And describe it to me
The heavens are sparkling
With starlight tonight
That's what I see
Through your eyes

Matt didn’t understand you. You were a girl that was going places; you always had been. He remembered that every single day you were in school, every last piece of your clothing was covered in paint, as was the skin left exposed to the word always had paint flecks on it or graphite smudges. You wore your hair long, with a white satin scarf tied around it to keep it back from your face. Beige overalls, covered in paint, black Converse, covered in paint, and a white tank underneath, covered in paint. You saw the world through the eyes of beauty, a piece of art.
Yet, here you were tonight, in a pair of clean black leggings, knee-high Doc Martins, and a (f/c) flannel shirt, sitting on the edge over a hundred foot drop next to him, staring at the stars, making those wondrous (e/c) orbs sparkle.
I see the hea
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 138 14
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit Germany!
… Germany~
Oh good Lord in Heaven, the thought of the ripped hunk of muscle just made your mouth water.
When people are asked what their first impression of Ludwig Beilschmidt’s personality is, almost all of them would say ‘serious’. But you never saw Ludwig like that, not really. Yes, Ludwig was a serious man, but if you were asked what your first impression of his personality was, you would’ve said ‘awkward’. That often confused people, but you knew Ludwig well. His business face, his training face, his serious face was really a poker face in your eyes. His behaviour might’ve supported the assumption that he was a serious and restrained man, but once you left him alone in a room with a woman he turned into a stuttering mess. That was why you called him awkward.
At the same time, however serious or awkward he was, you found him undeniably sweet in his own way. Over the course of your life, you’d had a lot of times where you had ter
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 109 13
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit France!
… France!
Your preference for male company had often been questioned by other female countries; after all, you were often seen talking with, hanging out with, and associating yourself with the BTT, despite your reputation of being an upstanding lady and a popular ally, and personal friend to the more ‘respectable’ countries. The reality of it all was that the BTT were nowhere near as bad as people made them out to be. Not even close.
Yes, they loved the ladies (and sometimes even the gentlemen too), but the fact of the matter was that most of the time they didn’t spend their nights out as late as people assumed. They usually ended up on your doorstep with different shaped bottles, with contents of varying alcoholic capacities. To which, you always let them in, and after years of the same routine, had learnt to expect company on Friday and Saturday nights, and therefore always had extra food prepared, and the mental capacity to take any flirtatious gesture and in
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 80 20
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit Russia!
… Russia!
Not only was he great company, he lived right next door~
People had often regard you as clinically insane for falling in love with a man like Ivan Braginski, but you thought them clinically insane for never having done so. No, Russia did not have an unmarked past, but if you wanted to rub salt into the wound with everyone, you’d remind them that every one of them had periods of history they would prefer to forget, and have forgotten.
Also, the way Ivan had gotten under your skin wasn’t something you abhorred like everyone else. Most people don’t like the vulnerability of having their souls bare to the world, and you didn’t like it either, but with Ivan, it was like there was nothing but your soul to see. There was no façade you could use to hide anything from him, except for the one you kept guided around your heart. And for some strange reason, you liked that he could see you for who you were. He was never cruel to you, and never played on
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 88 14
Hetalia x Reader: ... I Visit America!
… America! BURGER TIME! WOO!
That was probably one of the reasons why you loved America the most. Food. Lots of food. Providing he didn’t eat it first, that is.
However, it did make you frown sometimes. Even if countries did life for indefinite lengths of time, their bodies still required the appropriate vitamins and minerals as a regular human’s body would require. You wondered if America’s inability to eat anything more than fast food and movie junk food affected the health of his body. Because, from what you’d seen, America was blessed with inhuman strength, and wasn’t at all fat like the other countries always seemed to pick on him for being. In fact, he was very, very, very well built. You just wondered if the lack of a proper nutritional diet had any really effect on his body’s health. You’d known him for close to a hundred years, and you were pretty sure you’d never seen him go to a doctor.
America was a very special m
:iconmademoiselleautumn:MademoiselleAutumn 84 14


All For You (Turkey x Reader)
[F/N] = Friend Name
[T/N] = Town Name
________ = Your name
WARNING: This is LONG. Unnecessarily so...
All For You
“Where are we going?”
“You'll see.”
You looked out the window of the bus and watched the multitudes of people, buildings, and signs as they flew by. Sometimes they were blurs of colors and other times mismatched shapes that made your eyes dance to watch.
Being in a different country, you supposed you should feel nervous about not knowing where your friend was taking you. With no knowledge of the language and not the slightest of idea of your destination, it was justified for you to be anxious. Most especially because this particular friend was just as clueless as you when it came to Turkish, and she was the type of senseless person to lose her whereabouts in a closet. You were screwed in a city if she was your guide.
But oddly enough, there was a certain serenity to Istanbul; it was the kind that lulled you and made you care v
:iconkomeko-chan:Komeko-chan 455 185
Pick Up Lines (Russia x Reader)
“Are you sure this will work?” Ivan murmured, peeking around the corner at _____.
“Totally. I know what I’m doin’, bro.”
Ivan gave Alfred a skeptical look.
“If you’re so unsure then why don’t you give it a shot, oh ye of so little faith?”
A sigh rolled passed Ivan’s lips as he nodded. “Right. Well… wish me luck.”
“Dude, you won’t need any!” Alfred said, and busted out laughing.
Ivan straightened his coat and scarf, fiddled with his hair just out of self-
consciousness, and then made to turn the corner. He paused and took a step back, purple eyes snapping to Alfred’s questioning face.
“If this doesn’t work,” Ivan began, and he slipped a hand into his coat to pull out his pipe, “then I will be making sure you won’t ever give anyone advice again, okay?”
Alfred began to sweat as he stumbled backwards, a nervous chuckle the only sound
:iconkomeko-chan:Komeko-chan 483 163
I Love Scotty Brows! - Scotland x Reader
Somehow you managed to survive Germany and Prussia's intense training. It was a miracle that you even made it out alive! Your day consisted of nothing but aches, pain, sweat, and tears and being terrorized by Germany.
"I finally understand how Italy feels now," you groaned. "I shall never laugh at Italy's pain ever again!"
Unfortunately you forgot to bring your car and decided to be fit and walk from your house to Germany's. Your whole body was screaming in pain and all you needed right now was some place to just collapse and sleep. Eventually, you limped your way to a nearby park. You made one final dash towards the nearest bench and threw yourself on it.
"Ahhhh~" You sighed in relief. "This feels like heaven."
You had no energy to do anything right now. All you wanted was to take a nice long rest on your bed, but that was too far of a walk so  this bench will suffice. You shielded your eyes from the sun's rays with an arm while slowly dozing off into
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 372 443
Ask Matthew Williams 19 by Ask-MatthewWilliams Ask Matthew Williams 19 :iconask-matthewwilliams:Ask-MatthewWilliams 289 77 Hetalia Demotivational 6 by JayJay-Lover101 Hetalia Demotivational 6 :iconjayjay-lover101:JayJay-Lover101 113 4 Russia And Estonia Demotivational Poster by neo-chan7 Russia And Estonia Demotivational Poster :iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 464 62 APH Motivational 2 by PurpleAsteroid APH Motivational 2 :iconpurpleasteroid:PurpleAsteroid 296 124 APH Motivational 19 by PurpleAsteroid APH Motivational 19 :iconpurpleasteroid:PurpleAsteroid 282 187 AUSTRIA by CosmicKitten89 AUSTRIA :iconcosmickitten89:CosmicKitten89 156 16 Germany fan motivational by NekoAmerica Germany fan motivational :iconnekoamerica:NekoAmerica 130 123 Oh Russia XD by NekoAmerica Oh Russia XD :iconnekoamerica:NekoAmerica 359 77 WTF Canada by NekoAmerica WTF Canada :iconnekoamerica:NekoAmerica 37 28 Hetalia Christmas O.o by NekoAmerica Hetalia Christmas O.o :iconnekoamerica:NekoAmerica 70 45 be happy by mjmpokemon1997 be happy :iconmjmpokemon1997:mjmpokemon1997 101 10 hetalia motivational poster2 by mjmpokemon1997 hetalia motivational poster2 :iconmjmpokemon1997:mjmpokemon1997 624 226 Hetalia Motivational 1 by PristineDreamworld Hetalia Motivational 1 :iconpristinedreamworld:PristineDreamworld 864 92


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

I'm Alex, your friendly neighbourhood tea fanatic, bookworm and obsessive anime lover. I'm a 5 foot 6 female. I'm easily annoyed, enjoy being alone, and I don't like crowded parties. I speak English as my first (and regrettably, only) language, and for years I've been interested in learning others, but unfortunately haven't had the means to do so.

I'm a hobby writer, as you can see. I write fanfictions, and perhaps every now and then I'll write something of my own. One day, I would like to become a professional author, but for the moment....
This will be great. :3

I post every now and then; these are not frequent posts. I do this for my own leisure, and hopefully for the pleasure of anyone who cares to actually read what I write. :)


Keep being awesome, guys.


Hello there.

I feel like I've been gone for an inexcusably long time, without much explanation, and leaving a lot of work that needs to me done.

A LOT of work.

But now I'm back.

And I'm going to start again.

Have faith in me, young ones.
...Even though I'm sure most of you are my age or older...
Have faith.
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