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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

I'm Alex, your friendly neighbourhood caffeine addict, night owl and anime fanatic. I'm a 5 foot 6 female, and I'm eighteen years old. I'm easily annoyed, enjoy being alone, and I don't like crowded parties. I speak English as my first (and regrettably, only) language, and for years I've been interested in learning others, but unfortunately haven't had the means to do so.

I'm a hobby writer, as you can see. I write fanfictions, and perhaps every now and then I'll write something of my own. One day, I would like to become a professional author, but for the moment....
This will be great. :3

I post every now and then; these are not frequent posts. I do this for my own leisure, and hopefully for the pleasure of anyone who cares to actually read what I write. :)


I also have a Wix account. This is where I will update on the actual writing of my own that I will be doing. Check that out too! The link is below.

Keep being awesome, guys.


Hello there.

I feel like I've been gone for an inexcusably long time, without much explanation, and leaving a lot of work that needs to me done.

A LOT of work.

But now I'm back.

And I'm going to start again.

Have faith in me, young ones.
...Even though I'm sure most of you are my age or older...
Have faith.
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Well, I'm never going to know who sent me that anonymous Valentine's Day note, but whoever did, thank you very much for making my day.
And making me laugh like hell.
You're cool. Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
So. I was tagged in this tag by ZNinjabear  , so here I am.


My Questions:
1. Favorite Avenger?


2. Favorite Hetalia Character? (Includes 2p!)

Well, that's really tricky, honestly. I can't narrow it down further from Russia, Canada, Germany and France.

3. Least Favorite Hetalia Character 
(Includes 2p!)

Austria. I'm not really fan of Austria.

4. Scifi or Fantasy?


4. Sweet or Salty?

That's a hard one to answer. I rather like both mixed together.

5. The Hetalia Character you are most like 
(Includes 2p!)

I wouldn't have the faintest idea. One of my best friends used to call me 'Germany' years ago, but I've changed a lot since then.

6. The Hetalia Character that you wish you could date 
(Includes 2p!).

Choosing one is too hard, seeing as I don't have a favourite.

7. Hetalia or 2p!Hetalia?

Hetalia, as much as I love 2p!Hetalia. I just like the originals better.

8. Something that ticks you off.

Spontaneity. I have to plan everything in advance or I feel like I lack control in my life.

9. Rain or Sun?

Rain~! I love the rain so much! It's raining right now.
Don't believe it when people tell you Australia is all beaches and sunshine. I live in an inland town that's wet and raining most of the year.

10. Favorite Accent.

Nope. Nope. Nope. I can't choose that either.

My questions:

Well, I've done this before so I have none to ask, and no one to tag.

Because I'm cool like that.

Keep being awesome~!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
You walked along the path, looking straight ahead, and prepared to stop and wait at traffic lights to change colour so that you could cross the street, and proceed to your job. Waitressing wasn’t the job you wanted most in the world, but it made ends meet, and you were determined to work your way up to manager someday. As you raised your hand to push the button at the crossing, you noticed a tall and lanky blonde man in a neatly pressed suit, sitting on an iron bench out of the corner of your eye. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, as he seemed to sit there a lot. Just his usual spot, really, and never had you ever paid much attention to him. You didn’t know what compelled you to look at him properly, but when you did, your heart broke.

Never in your life had you ever seen such a crushed expression on the face of any man in your entire life.

His shoulders were slumped, and his violet-blue eyes were glassy, distant and sad behind a pair of rectangular glasses. His briefcase sat on the other side of him, papers sticking out of it everywhere, as if he had just thrown papers in it and run away from wherever he’d been before.

Your heart really went out to him, for no real reason, other than it looked like his whole life was falling to pieces. Against your better judgement, and every nerve that screamed, ‘stranger danger’, you took a step away from the traffic light, and slowly made your way to the bench.

“Um, excuse me?” You frowned when he didn’t respond, so you lightly stretched out his hand and touched his shoulder, but quickly withdrew it when he flinched. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just wondering… Is everything alright? You look really down.”

The man, whoever he was, stared at you for a long time, and then opened his mouth. His voice was quiet, hushed, and slightly raspy. “You noticed me.”

You frowned. “Of course. You looked really upset, so I just wanted to ask if you were okay.”

The man looked down at his hands and smiled sadly. “No, I’m… Not having a good day.”

At this point, you were torn. You checked the time on your watch, and sat down next to him.

“So, what’s your name?”

The question appeared to take him off guard, and it was some time before he answered you again. “M-Matthew Williams,” He let out a broken laugh. “I haven’t been asked that in years.”

“Did you want to tell me about why you’re not having a good day?” You asked carefully. You knew it was probably odd for a stranger to ask, but you were genuinely concerned.

However, without hesitation, Matthew began to talk.

“I try really hard, you know? At work, and outside of it too,” Matthew pulled a scrunched up tissue from his pocket and blew his nose. “No one ever notices me. No one ever listens to me, and they laugh at everything I have to say. No one takes me seriously. When they do notice me, they brush me off and they never invite me to anything. Even my own brother doesn’t want me around,” He put the tissue back into his pocket. “I’ve decided that… I’ve had enough. No one’s going to miss me if I just… Disappear. They don’t want me around.”

It took you a moment to realise what he meant, and when it did, it was like being shoved down memory lane. “You… Want to…?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. No one would miss me.”

You shook your head and took his large, pale hand in yours, which seemed to make him flinch again, but you didn’t let go of the appendage. “No, no! Of course they would! I know exactly how you feel, and believe me, it’ll get better.”

“How could you possibly know how I feel? Look at you,” He gestured to you, and his expression was slightly bitter. “I see you smiling all the time on your way to work. How can you know what this feels like?”

“Because I used to be just like you,” Your (e/c) eyes stared right into his, earnest, insistent. “I really did. I was overstressed, undervalued and under-loved. That was how I saw it. I was unhappy. People used to laugh at me, all the time. For the smallest things, teasing me, ignoring me, never taking me seriously. No one ever wanted to do anything with me; they’d say they were overloaded with work, and then I’d see them down the street with other ‘friends’ of ours,” You were slightly uncomfortable, and the memories were unpleasant, but you needed to push through it.

“Eventually, one day, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I got into my car, and I drove… Right into a tree. I survived, but I was in hospital for a long while. When I got asked why I did it, all I could say was that I couldn’t stand how no one wanted to take me seriously, and that by doing this, they would at least notice what they never had before.”

“But your life seems to be doing well now,” He pointed out.

“Well, while I was in hospital, I had time to think long and hard about what I’d done, and I realised something.”

“What was that?”

“Everything I did, was because I valued everyone’s opinions far too much,” You let a small smile curve the edge of your lips. “So, I quit my job, cancelled the lease on my house, put all my belongings in storage till I got out of hospital, sold my car, and the moment I was discharged, I looked for a new job in another city. I found a new house, and started this job here. I cut off my connections with everyone, and started again. And I couldn’t be happier.”

“So… You think I should do that?”

“That depends on you, Mr. Williams,” You patted his hand. “What works for me might not work for you. I think you need time to yourself, to think as well, before you think that trying to remove yourself from the face of this world completely is a good idea.”

“You don’t even know me!”

“But I would sooner try to help you, than let you make the same mistake as me.”

“Matthew, bro!” A loud voice called from down the path. You turned your head, to see three other blonde men, in neatly pressed suits, running at full-speed down the path.

“Alfred? Francis, Arthur?” Matthew looked genuinely surprised, and stood up to meet them. The eldest in appearance, and the tallest of the trio had wavy blonde hair, the second oldest had the bushiest eyebrows you had ever seen, and the one who had apparently called out for Matthew, looked like he was probably the captain of the football team in his school years.

Matthieu!” The man with wavy blonde hair cried. “You had me terrified, mon ami! I thought we would never find you!”

“You scared the bloody hell out of us, running out of the meeting like that!” The one with exceptionally bushy eyebrows bopped his fist on Matthew’s head, which looked odd, seeing as Matthew was taller than him.

“Yeah, dude! Uncool! We thought we’d never see you again!”

“You might not have…”

“What?! What do you mean by that?!” The Frenchman shook him by the shoulders. “Do not joke about things like that!”

Mathew smacked his hands off him. “That’s the whole point, Francis! You think everything I say is a joke! I’m serious! I didn’t want to come back! I am sick and tired of being ignored and never taken seriously! You laugh at me like everything I say means nothing at all but I have feelings too, and I am done with you thinking that they mean nothing!”

Matthew’s quiet voice was raising to that of a normal yell. The shock of hearing it caused the other three men to go quiet, before the one with the strong American accent opened his mouth again, this time more quiet than before.

“If that’s how you really felt, you could’ve talked to us, you know. We would’ve listened. We didn’t know that we were making you feel like that.”

“Well you did. I’m not coming back to work.”

“But you need to come back to work! We were just about to go over your plans for expanding the company!”

Matthew raised his head, looking more surprised than before. “My plans…?”

“But of course!” The Frenchman wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “We’ve been talking about effectivity of the brainstorming we’ve been doing, and found that your well-constructed plans were the best bet for increasing profits and success! Mr. Beilschmidt was really happy with the plans, and even talked of giving you a promotion for them before the meeting started!”

“We really don’t want to lose you, Matthew. Not in the company, or as a friend,” The Englishman looked at his watch. “Mr. Beilschmidt won’t be happy if we’re too much longer. Are you coming, Matthew?”

“Oh yeah! And I wanted to know if you were up for coming to the ball game tonight!” The bubbly American slapped him on the back.

Matthew looked astounded, and lifted his hand to rub some tears from his eyes, happy ones, relieved tears. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll come back,” Only then did he notice your place on the bench was now empty, and you were already on the other side of the road. Nervously, he called out as loudly as he could. “H-Hey, wait!”

You blinked, and stopped across the road to look back at him. “Yeah?”

“Th… Thank you, for taking the time out of your day to talk to me! I don’t think I can thank you enough!” Matthew’s face was going redder by the second. It was pretty cute, actually.

You smiled right back and waved. “Anytime! It was my pleasure!” You were stopped when you turned to go again by his voice.

“W-Wait! Er, what’s your name?”

“It’s ________! And I really have to go! I’m going to be late otherwise!”

“O-O-Oh, sorry! B-Bye!”

“See you another time, Matthew!” You waved again as you ran down the street, leaving the man with his friends, his heart fluttering at the sound of his name on your voice.

He hoped it wouldn’t be the last time he saw you. Thanks to you, he’d begun to take back everything he’d said, as he walked beside his good friends on his way back to work with a smile on his face. He knew now that he was way off-track to think like that.

And thanks to you, he could leave it behind him, and start again.
Canada x Reader Oneshot: Traffic Light
Poor Canada.
And I know the subject I crossed with Canada is quite a touchy one, but I feel like Canada needed to be noticed and given a chance to be heard more than he normally is, and chance to say what he needed to say to the people closest to him.

I don't own Hetalia or anything affiliated with the franchise.
I don't own Canada, France, England, America or Germany.
I don't own you.
I don't own the song that inspired this.
I don't own any sets of traffic lights.
I just own the plot.

Keep being awesome, guys.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Lovino angrily kicked his car tyre over and over, swearing at the top of his lungs. Of all the times that his car could’ve overheated and broken down, he could only wonder why the piece of junk had to break down right then. He was ten miles away from the airport, and _______’s flight wouldn’t be boarding for a while yet, but he didn’t even know if he had time to get there before it took off.

Lovino had no idea what to do. He was stressed, angry, upset, and borderline on tears. He’d broken up with ________ a month ago, and he had no idea how he could’ve done it, or why it ever crossed his mind that he was wasting his time with her. She’d given him the happiest life he could’ve asked for; laughter, a warm embrace, someone who tolerated his mood swings and someone who loved him for all his deficiencies.

He was trying to get back to her, some way, somehow, to tell her how wrong he really was. He knew that _______ knew he was wrong, and that made his heart ache, simply because nothing could reverse how much he’d hurt her. Lovino was so, so ashamed that it had taken him so long to see that she was the only one who could ever complete him, and that she was the only one he wanted to complete him.

So, in a fit of anguish and determination, Lovino was given no other open than to start running.

_______ sighed again, and looked at the time. The second hand on her watch seemed to tick slower and slower as time went on. Soon she wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore; she’d be out of that country that held too many wonderful and horrible memories for her to ever want to face again.

And the best and worst of those memories held Lovino Vargas. Lovino had been everything that _______ had ever wanted. He was everything she had wanted; he was smart, he was thoughtful, and as moody as he was, he was genuinely kind. He’d never treated her badly; and just the very thought of the day when he’d packed his things, and said he’d been wasting his time, still burned like an iron in the back of her mind, and tore apart her heart over and over again.

_______ knew very well that Lovino had been wrong. She had been in love with him, she was in love with him right in that moment. She knew it was right. Well, she thought it was. At this point in time, she wasn’t so sure. If it was right, why had it gone so wrong?

“Now boarding, Flight 669 to-”

Well, this was ______’s flight. If she got on this flight, that would be it for her. She’d be leaving her life, her job, her car, her friends, and some family, too. And even though she hesitated for a moment, _______’s feet fell one after the other, to the boarding line.

“_______!” A familiar voice came from behind her, and a body slammed into her, wrapping her in a warm embrace and almost knocking her off her feet.


“_______, please don’t leave,” Lovino pulled back from the embrace, hair sticking to his forehead with sweat, and cheeks flushed red from exhaustion and embarrassment, and self-shame. “All that I’m after is a life full of laughter, as long as I’m laughing with you.”

“Lovino, what are you talking about-”

“I’m sorry,” Lovino cupped her face in his hands and pressed a firm kiss to her lips. “I’m ashamed of myself. I must’ve been out of my mind, to think that I couldn’t be happy with you. You are the only one I want.”

_______’s skin warmed at the words of the man she loved, and tears welled up in her eyes with strong emotion, and she hugged him tight around the neck, squeezing him tight. She let out a broken laugh and wiped her eyes.

“Everyone’s staring at us, Lovino.”

“Hey, keep walking, assholes! I’m having a moment here!” Lovino snapped at the gawking bystanders, and he huffed in annoyance. “Nosey bastards.”

“You’re the one making the scene!”

“Shut up, ______,” Lovino’s lips came down on hers, and Lovino knew well he’d use this last chance to prove to her that he wasn’t going to leave again. He wouldn’t let her escape.

_______ rest her forehead on his when their lips broke apart, and she smiled. “So, what made your change your mind?”

“Well, I just know there’s no life after you.”
Romano x Reader Oneshot: Life After You
Ah, Romano.

I don't own Hetalia.
I don't own the personification of South Italy.
I don't own the song that inspired this, which can be found here:…
I don't own you.
I just own the plot.

Keep being awesome, guys.
Hello there.

I feel like I've been gone for an inexcusably long time, without much explanation, and leaving a lot of work that needs to me done.

A LOT of work.

But now I'm back.

And I'm going to start again.

Have faith in me, young ones.
...Even though I'm sure most of you are my age or older...
Have faith.
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